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“Why Dating Don’t Work” You must examine why & how ppl come together, if your only requirment is looks you will be headed for a long road of challenges & rocky roads, the way a person looks has nothing to do with the compatibility!!!

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The Founders 4/4 [2013]
A selection of re-edited found film, found in a camera laying in a thrift store in Amsterdam. Original scans can be found here.
Tijmen van Dijk

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Seen on 13th Street 

"*GoGettersNetwork* Sneaker/LifeStyle -     Jordan Melo M9 Last Easter, Carmelo Anthony played his best game as a Knick when he hit two game-changing three-pointers – one to tie the game at the end of regulation and another to win the game in OT. During that fabled s"

- *GoGettersNetwork* Sneaker/LifeStyle - Jordan Melo M9 – Royal Suede – Orange